Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mental Illness: A new model of lived experience

Psychosis: Affective States of Consciousness
& Nervous System Dysregulation

The title of my academic paper describing a new model of lived experience.

Its August 2014: As my journey of self-exploration, in order to understand and articulate the experience of psychosis from the inside-out continues. With this paper representing a synthesis of all the experiential reseach I've done in the past 7 years. Which has culminated in a model of experience articulated in the spirit of Wilhem Reich's "everyone is right in some way," it is merely a matter of knowing "how."Hence, I present a model of psychotic and mental illness experience, that explores the taken for grantedness of our normal, adult, analogous sense of self, whereby we interpret our lived experience with reference to the external world.

Hence, the biomedical model of psychosis and mental illness is based on the analogous assumption of a "fever-type" infectious disease, in my experience. While my lived experience explored the nature of my primary process affective states of being, and the contagion of innate affects. Hence, "everyone is right in some way, its merely a matter of "how." With my transformational journey from chronic mental illness victim to this, from the inside out articulation of my actual experience, raising serious questions of our current consensus on mental health. And while its unusaul to post an academic paper on a blog post like this, the whole point of my experiential journey, was a need to go beyond the taken for granted, rank & status norm's that thwart our human potential. Please consider: