Monday, May 30, 2011

Unconscious Reactivity & the Pre-Tense of Intelligence?

The Motor Act comes first not the mind. The minds activity is 'Hindsight' not Insight or Foresight. Its an after the event process. All physical actions stimulated by thoughts are 'simulated' affect not the spontaneous flow of natural 'innate' affect. This is the unconscious issue in 'affective disorders' that objective thinking cannot come to grips with.

"The motor act is the cradle of the mind - The capacity to anticipate and predict movement, is the basis of what consciousness is all about" __Charles Sherington

"We are exquisitely social creatures. Our survival depends on understanding the actions, intentions and emotions of others. Mirror neurons allow us to grasp the minds of others not through conceptual reasoning but through direct simulation. By feeling - not by thinking" _Giacomo Rizzolatti

The Brains Motor Cortex & Unconscious Premovement: The brains activity began about 500 milliseconds before the person was aware of deciding to act. The conscious decision came far too late to be the cause of the action. It was as though consciousness was a mere afterthought - a way of 'explaining to ourselves' an action not evoked by consciousness. _Peter Levine

Allowing myself a conscious acknowledgement of these views helped me start to identify these truths through the sensations of my moment by moment experience. It changed my belief in "mental illness" and as seen in the Placebo Effect & the Power of Self Hypnosis - Belief has a powerful Affect.