Friday, June 3, 2011

Catch the Gap & Feel Your Mind

Why does meditation calm the mind?
Mirror neurons & the motor cortex fire the impulses of muscular action.

Muscular tensions & their feedback to the brain fire the instinctual mind. There is no insight in this objective paradigm until you feel the source of your own mind, down amongst those chemical impulses of freeze, avoid or approach reactions.

Study the Golden one's timeless postures, his ageless advice about reality and the genesis impulses of thoughts & mind. Until you feel their source, your thoughts will remain the me that is avoiding I.

Fear is the first impulse in this avoid - approach, objective paradigm.

Catch the gap between the spark & the flame at the bottom of each exhaled breath?

Can you look & see where his hand is? Can you feel it? Until we all do, we are still Monkey mirror neuron See & Monkey mirror neuron Do, in this highly reactive Objectivity. Always remember that chemical impulses are millisecond fast in this FREEZE/FLIGHT/FIGHT reality.

Remembering fear always come first gives way to Maximum Joy:))