Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Quantum Dreamer?

Objective Reality or Complex Dream State?
Is all a dreaming creation when imagined at these fundamental levels of a universe perceiving its own existence through YOU?
What! You might think?

What does any deeper reality have to do with the daily grind of a labored survival? We need to make a living and help support the family?

Yet understanding the mind as dissociation? Distanced from its own instinctual nature and having a capacity to observe the instinctual impulses of a body through which it arises, can free us to perceive real needs below our often impulsive wants.

Gaining distance and better perspective through education about the nature of yourself, can decrease our unconscious reactivity towards each other. Impulsive reactivity we tend to soothe with thoughts of rational responses, unaware just how much we are soothing and suppressing the instinctual life within?

Metaphor of  an Instinct fired  Heart?
Like a Lion, the heart is powerful and perhaps we soothe its reactive potentialities with the balm of denial? Do we become our very own, Daniel in the Lions Den?

Despite the reality of being surrounded by instinctual nature we hold ourselves separate from it, unaware of our dissociated state of mind? Yet the abundance of nature, who's bounty we reap and plunder arises from the very quantum processes we sense a separation from?

That vast World and Cosmos 'out there,' although somewhere deep inside us on a quantum level we cannot yet perceive, is all one?

Perhaps what terrifies us is the capacity our body/brain/mind has to sense the oneness, least we loose our immediate needs for survival and become trapped in a wondrous state of awe? Is this what dreams are for?

Wonder & Happy Days
As children when survival needs are taken care of by adults, we feel the magic, the sense of wonder, only to fall into frustration as we grow. The rapturous promise of the delighted three year old gives way to immediate concerns about the labor of doing and our daily grind, with its dissolving sense of magic?

At these fundamental levels of reality is oneness a dream? Like the images that come into the minds eye during sleep? Most explicable through everyday associations, while some dream material feels magical and wondrous in its origin? Some lucid dreams even imitate life and its waking senses? Where do archetypal dreams come from? And ultimately, who or what is doing the dreaming?

Is our electrochemical brain activity deeply immersed in a chemical Universe?

Creation & the Dawn of the Cosmos?
As the great science experiment gathers pace over in Europe, with the The Large Hadron Collider. Will we all be baffled or delighted by findings of a breakdown in our cause and effect awareness.

Will the great experiment prove that our sense of cause needs a magical observer affect?
Will science move us closer to understanding the depth of our own reality and our immersion in a Cosmic dream? Her off-spring? The living embodiment of Her Great Spirit?
Her Spirituality? Through our Eyes She Knows; I Am!

Has She Used Up So Much Energy in Our Creation?
In the Future, We Will Redress Her Cosmic Balance?