Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Grandma & Her Eternal Metaphors



'They told me I’m crazy again, said I’m freaking mad!'


'Because I spoke about my dreams again, of how I think we will one day stand together in silence and feel the real.'

'Feel the real what?'

'Nature! How we might feel the reality of our life here on Earth and what its about? But they tell me I’m just being silly and psychotic again.'

I'm standing there now on a moonless night again, alone on a cliff top where I face the stormy sea. Its 3am in the morning and only Blaze, our family dog is beside me. My only company here on this dark and isolated cliff top.

I look up now, look towards a milky way sky and Grandma opens her arms again. Of coarse I take that leap of faith, for she will always cradle me in her arms, when ask her.

As the first rays of sunlight pierce the dark I wake, I hear the first bird song and feel the heartbeat of my sleeping dog. I rise and shake my head feeling Grandma pat me there, “silly boy,” she says.

Moments later as Blaze and I head off to follow the garden path, I think I catch a whisper on the wind, “keep dreaming,” and I wonder if I’m loosing a sense of separation here, I wonder if I’m feeling the reality of a Universe perceiving itself?

I know I should focus my attention on objective reality here, keep my mind on obvious and simple needs right before me. Like earning a living and playing my part in the commercial reality of our life sustaining economy. I should keep my focused energies on attaining five percent annual growth, measure my bank balance and count the number of my possession's, those simple solid objects of my hearts desire.

What use are the foolish dreams of a raving psychotic, after all?


Reminds me of the movie "Blade Runner," and that hopeful ending.
What's in a name and what's the meaning of Rachel's termination date?

When we objectively observe all those chemicals in the brain, all those neurotransmitters, all those endogenous chemicals that transmit signals from a neuron to a target cell across a synapse. Do they mimic a deeper reality in some way? Are all those chemicals inside us, God's chemical's and are they a reflection of our deep immersion within the very fabric of the cosmos?

When we drop beneath the shallow perceptions of our objectified reason, can we not manage to feel the reality of our chemical connection to the Eternal now? From such a felt perspective of life, is human evolution a dream that we're only just remembering and what internal reality is our object like self interpretation really tying to project?

What the heaven or hell is my Grandma?

What is a true perspective?

How wide, how narrow, how deep, how high, how obvious?

Sweet Dreams:))