Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BIPOLAR - The Recovery Road

Reaching for a Rainbow?
"The more conscious you become, the more aware you become of how unconscious you've been." _Patricia Sun.
Recovery seems to be a process made conscious through hindsight, even though our pressing desire is for something to happen right now! Becoming conscious and content with the process of improving self awareness has been a lesson hard learned and automatically forgotten in recent days.
The stress of moving house and high fatigue, saw me drop back into an old unconscious pattern. For over a week now I have been stuck in the bipolar trap? A dissociated mind held hostage by my nervous system? My old all or nothing bipolar response to challenge triggered an unconscious stress reaction.

My mind is not as conscious as it thinks it is?

Monday, July 4, 2011

cure bipolar disorder

I Can't Cure Bipolar Disorder?
Cure Bipolar Disorder? Should I dare to consider myself recovered from a lifelong mental illness? Or am I just in remission? Cure bipolar disorder internet searches suggest bipolar is generally considered as having an illness of the brain like diabetes or even cancer. Considered from a medical disease model the word recovered converges with the word cure and the medical model suggests we cannot cure bipolar disorder.
Wikipedia tells us: "It has been noted that the bipolar disorder diagnosis is officially characterised in historical terms such that, technically, anyone with a history of (hypo)mania and depression has bipolar disorder whatever their current or future functioning and vulnerability."

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bipolar Recovery

Bipolar Recovery - Beyond Manic Depressive Cycles
Beyond manic flights of mind and depressive crashes within the body?
Here is a method based on gaining critical insight into the unconscious activity of your autonomic nervous system.
Activity that stimulates the sensations, behaviors and mental anguish of your bipolar condition. Knowing the essential role your auto nervous system plays in every second of your experience, will give you real feelings of self control.

Critical insight will help you to feel your way into better balance of mind and body. Sensing feedback within your auto nervous system, will bring you real control over your emotional energies.
Not control by will of mind, but control through knowing you can let go of internal tensions which stimulate your bipolar condition.

This method is based on three keys elements.

1. Critical Insights.

2. Felt Awareness Practice.

3. New Mind-Body Experience.

Beyond Our Crisis Periods - We Can Learn to Manage Ourselves Well!